What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Student Engagement?

The Power of Connections is an open, collaborative experience focused on student engagement. As part of this experience, we’ll focus on a student engagement that is dynamic, that lives and grows and expands beyond specific courses. We’ll explore how we can ignite sparks of connected learning in our students, how we can kindle genuine excitement for owning and constructing learning experiences throughout their lives. Simply put, we’ll talk together and learn from each other about building effective models for lifelong learning engagement.

Participants in The Power of Connections experience will explore collaboratively the many ways we can design activities and interaction that lead to meaningful engagement. We’ll discuss things like fostering connectedness, building open learning models, promoting creativity, and modeling innovation. We’ll do this openly, through a variety of tools and forums, and provide easy access to all of the work we create and share.

We’ll do our best to make sure that The Power of Connections is itself a model for student engagement, and that it’s fun. As an added bonus, our collaboration will provide a valuable collection of strategies and activities for promoting student engagement.

  • Rob Reynolds
    CPO, NextThought
  • Stacy Zemke
    OERC, OU


  1. The Power of Connections
  2. The Power of Openness
  3. The Power of Creation
  4. The Power of Imagination

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